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It was a new era of civilization.  The Colonies grew over many planets.  Countless souls, once desperate and nomadic, held peaceful dwellings in the cosmos.

The settlements were impressive.  The defenses were not.


With alarming haste and no declaration of war, mysterious raiders emerged above multiple planets of the Colonies and invaded.  The rapid, indiscriminate and deadly assaults ravaged entire cities and reduced key infrastructure to rubble.

Oversized colonial transport vessels with no real weapons and no maneuverability attempted glacial escapes, to their doom.  Time was slipping away.

A smaller ship may stand a chance…


In a city still safely far from battle, prominent research labs were hard at work developing prototypes to explore new sources of energy.  Hearing news of the attack, they focused on retrofitting their technology for combat use.

Experimental fields had massive output and even took on different physical forms, harnessing the power of the graviton particles that are plentiful in the universe.

And, the devices were small enough to fit on board the few jets parked at the research facility.

Just as the newborn Celtreos fleet became ready for combat, the enemy finally reached the city.  Now, as one of the determined and talented pilots of the Celtreos, you must fight your way out.  Stay alive, gain strength, and fearlessly take down the attackers.

May your victories be swift…