www.Kevin Grant.name

I live in San Diego (Del Mar).  Here’s what I am doing these days:


I recently started at Qualcomm as an engineer in a hardware architecture group.


I have been developing the macOS terminal emulator “MacTerm” for many years, starting in 1998.  For project-specific details on development, see macterm.net/now/.

Side Projects

I have been developing a game that runs on iOS and macOS, a space-themed classic shoot-em-up (except it has vector graphics instead of pixelated art, and the music and sound and animation are all modern).


I work out a few times a week.  My spouse and I take our dog to the beach every weekend.  We also cook at home a lot; lately it has been a mixture between pulling stuff out of recipes and having it partially delivered by Blue Apron.  We also acquired a Nintendo Switch and it is pretty fantastic.